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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 18 June 2012

Spoilers: Week of June 18th.

These are your spoilers for the week of June 18th:

Tracy gets the shock of her life when she walks in and interrupts Luke and Anna in the bedroom.
Liz puts her feeling for Jason ahead of her and Ewan's date.
Todd gets an eyeful when he visits Starr in her new apartment.
Kate is so overwhelmed with guilt over the deaths of Cole and Hope that she considers coming clean.
Spinelli continues his investigation into Heather for Olivia with a little help from Sam.
Jason apologizes to Sam for his behavior, and how much he wishes things had been different, and that he wants her to come back to the penthouse with him.
Kristina's new reality show wreaks havoc with everyone around her.
Starr stars recording her newest song.
Lulu and Johnny start fixing up the Haunted Star.
Carly and Johnny's romantic night is ruined by Josslyn's bad timing.
Heather is very determined to get a job.


  1. STOP torturing Sam. she needs to bond w/her baby, its also unfair to Tea to not know the TRUTH abt Todd! JASON needs to be the one to find out that HE IS THE REAL FATHER and PUNISH Heather!!!!!!!!

  2. ICK!! enough already with the Jiz stuff, it DIDNT work the first time bc they have ZERO chemistry and it was doomed bc, just like now, characters are being written OUT OF CHARACTER! Jason isnt a cheater, Sam isnt a cheater, John isnt a cheater, but lizzie is a chronic one.

    lets NOT revisit 'desperation running up 15 flights of stairs in a blackout drunken one night stand revenge sex' again!! it was DISGUSTING the first time, and the farce (never proven was bad batch) condom WONT fly again!

    1. AGREE. I want Jason to find out HE IS THE FATHER and him and Sam to FINALLY have some family time and a little happiness! What a novel idea! Remember SUPERCOUPLES!? They are my favorite.

  3. When is sam going to get her baby back??? It better be soon!

    1. Mid September. But unfortunetely it looks like she might be raising him without Jason for awhile. As RC just mentioned in a recent interview that he will NOT ignore the chemistry between McBam. So we'll just have to wait and she, I guess.